Food Reporting: A syllabus with taste and style when writing

About Doral Chenoweth

Doral Chenoweth reviewed restaurants for 20-plus years as the Grumpy Gourmet for The Columbus Dispatch. In the following years he was a columnist for that newspaper covering the food industry and restaurant business in general. His entry onto the beat came in 1960 when he was restaurant reviewer and saloon columnist for The Columbus Star. Today Chenoweth devotes full time to this teaching Website, lectures relating thereto and programming for a planned satellite radio show utilizing this Website in a supporting role.

Doral's favorite cookbook is Old Timey Recipes. He has this to say about it:

My FAVE is not in print. There are no pictures. There is no hard cover. The compiler has departed. Bless Phyllis Connor, 1969. Winston Salem was home.

She didn't use lead type to print. All 64 pages are hand printed. Even her sassafras jelly recipe. Savor recipe for parsnip wine.

No Junior League stuff here. No church affiliation noted. No big time publisher listed. Attention Ten Speed Press. Try her corn cob jelly recipe.

All this before Even Google lacks her best. Make your own moonshine. First: Convert corn to sugar. Keep in warm place three days. Mash. Still. Cooker. Copper. Proof.

Phyllis says 'shine recipes are many. For all the "other ways" she suggests. "Check with your nearest revenuer."

Doral Chenoweth